Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cruise - Day 2 - Monday

I wish I could tell you some exciting story about today, our first, adventuresome, at-sea day, but we didn't do a lot. We all met for lunch at 11 and visited for a while (Jennifer told us the "how I told my husband I'm pregnant this time" story before she blogged it, so ha ha ha ha ha ha I know and you don't), then Angela and I walked around the shopping area for a little while, then spent the rest of the day laying on the deck by the pool. I took a nap in the sun. We read. Angela got into the hot tub for a while. Rough life, yes?

Angela was concerned that there wouldn't be food for her here, since she's allergic to sugar, dairy, and gluten. YES. THOSE ARE IN EVERYTHING. But they have been amazing. Every night after dinner, our server brings Angela the next day's menu so she can pick out what she wants and they prepare it without whatever she's allergic to in it. I'm glad to see her being taken care of.

There was a super-amazing ventriloquist guy performing tonight, and we all went to see him together. He was really good! He could throw his voice like crazy. It was pretty impressive.

Anyway, it's after 1 a.m. and we have a super-early breakfast scheduled when we dock in Cozumel tomorrow. So, goodnight!

PS - Wendi Aarons commented on my blog on Sunday. OMFG. Major totally-platonic-but-still-inappropriately-passionate girl-crush on her and her blog.
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