Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's a Love-a-Thon!! (Blog makeover giveaway!)

Hey, Mandy and Sarah here. You may know us better as Ellyn's friends, but that's just fine with us. Cause truthfully, it's pretty rare to find a friend like Ellyn, and we are both privileged to have found her in this crazy space called blogland.

She doesn't think she's strong, (even after losing her precious Eli, raising funds to allow her deaf fourth-born to hear and surviving a divorce that was just finalized this week), but she's far too strong to ever ask for this kind of help. Well, that's what friends are for, right?! We're happy to ask on her behalf (and, by the way, she has no idea we are doing this)!

In order to stay in her home, the only home Seth has ever known, she needs to raise $2,400 by the end of the month. If you don't know her story, and why she is in danger of loosing the family home, just click here. But we're warning you: you will fall head-over-heals in love!

To keep this little fundraiser completely legal, you will not be donating money in exchange for raffle tickets. Simply donate (any amount helps), and then comment to tell us you have done so. I'm giving away a blog makeover, and Sarah is giving away four Jared Anderson CD's. If you are interested in the blog makeover (and I know you are!), comment on this post. If you are interested in some rockin' praise music (and why wouldn't you be?), comment on Sarah's. If you're interested in both, comment on both!
Wanna help more?! Of course you do!

If you'd like to place this Chip-in on your blog and offer your own prize to commenters, just let Sarah know. She'll put you on a list so that all Love-a-thon participants will have a chance to enter your giveaway as well!

We have two weeks to raise the necessary funds. Let's see if we can do it in one!

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