Monday, March 15, 2010

Twenty Four

I don't want these things to get buried:
Help Ellyn keep her house in exchange for a chance to win prizes (like a blog makeover from me!)
Sign up for my brother's NCAA pool to support the MS Society
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My birthday was last week, and I had every intention of writing some kind of deep, introspective post that day, but as it turns out, I didn't make time to write a post. So here I am, another year older and nothing to show for it. At least, nothing to show for it on my blog.

Actually, I have plenty to show for it. Right now, my life looks pretty bright. I almost feel guilty about how great my life is when some of my friends are in such great pain, but I'm learning to take the blessings I'm given when I get them, because there are no guarantees that they'll be around forever in this life.

Blessings like being crazy about my husband and him being crazy about me. The times we run down the aisle of grocery stores with our cart or laugh until we cry about some stupid thing nobody else would think is funny. The way his hand slips so naturally into mine as we walk across a parking lot and the fact that he sings right along with me and the RENT soundtrack as we drive around with the sunroof open on a Sunday afternoon. Being the whisper-secrets-and-giggle-together kind of friends and spending all our time being glad we're together. This is definitely the "better" in the "for better or worse" and I'm sure as heck not going to let it pass by without noticing.

Blessings like somehow having the exact career that I've always wanted where I work with people who I actually want to be around all day long. The part where I actually get excited about solving a boring techincal problem and the fact that I can be proud of the videos and broadcasts I publish. The fact that I don't mind the days when I have to go in early and stay late because it means that I'll have something to show for my day. The fact that I'm able to earn a paycheck when so many are out of work or unable to work.

Blessings like the bigger-than-we-really-need house we live in that is truly a home, clutter, dirty dishes, un-vacuumed floors, dirty bathroom mirrors and all.

Blessings like the family that lives close enough to dog-sit anytime we want and give up their Sundays to dig in our flower-bed all day when they probably had better things to do. Or the other part of the family that lives really far away and still helps you raise money for your BikeMS ride in really fun ways. Or the other part of the family that comes into town to help you fix up your house all the time and sends you the coolest printer EVER for you birthday that prints, like, a million pages a minute.

I could go on. Because there are a lot. I don't know what I thought my life would look like at 24 years old. But whatever I had pictured, it was probably little off.

Because I couldn't have imagined that it would be this good.
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