Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Her name is Brittany

My friend Brittany came into town a few weeks ago. She used to live in Dallas, but after high school her parents moved to California and she got a job in Houston and since then my life has been slightly less bright, because I've been in less trouble in general without her. You may remember her from the "4-hour Braums run/get Mandy and Jack broken-up" or the "get murdered in downtown Dallas" incidents.

When we were trying to decide where to eat, she lamented that all the new restaurants in my town weren't there when she lived there, so we decided to drive all the way there and let her see all the new stuff they had built since she moved away.

We found ourselves at the Coach outlet in town, where I fully intended to pressure her into buying an expensive purse just to be a brat. Because that's the kind of friend I am.

"Oh Brittany," I coaxed, "that one is just perfect for you. You have to get it. $300 is a steal for a purse like this!"

She tried to laugh me off, but I knew I was getting to her. She wanted one of these purses. I could see it in her eyes. She was weakening.

"Brittany! Look at this one! It's just beautiful!" I pointed out a white one with gray accents. It was really, pretty, and it was only $130.

I could tell as soon as she saw it that she fell in love with it. It was perfect. Classy, simple, elegant. And very, very her.

 "It's going to look great with almost any outfit you put on, Brittany," I cajoled. "Work clothes. Jeans. A dress. This one is super-versatile!"

"I don't know," she said, on the fence, clearly not having intended on dropping $130 on a purse on a random Tuesday night this week.

"I'll tell you what," I said, fishing my cell phone out of my purse. "I'll ask the internet. The internet always knows what to do."

If you follow me on twitter, you already know that I ask the internet's advice on pretty much everything. Ideas for recipes. Settlements for silly arguments between me and Jack. Opinions on fashion. And tonight, it would be whether Brittany should buy this way-too-expensive designer purse.

I sent out a quick twitpic and we got a couple responses, one from Sara that said "Depends, can she still buy groceries?" and a few others that were like "heck yes!" and "Super cute!"

The internet has spoken, Brittany. And the internet, like TV, is never wrong.

She took the purse up to the register, all the while cursing me and my bad influence (naner naner naner). We both looked at each other, surprised, as it rang up for not $130 as it was listed, but $110.

"Why was it so much cheaper?" Brittany asked the clerk.

"Oh, everything in the store is another 20% off on top of all the regular sales," she responded. Brittany looked at me, stiffing a laugh and I rolled my eyes in disbelief.

"Craaaap," I said, knowing that Brittany was thinking the same thing I was.

She knew that a turquoise beauty had caught my eye over in the clearance corner of the room earlier. And while I had enough self-control to resist a purse that was 50% off at Coach, this one was 70% off. So now it was her turn.

"Oh, Mandy," she cooed, "70% off? I know you can't resist seventy percent off! And gosh, it's so pretty, Mandy. You always wear this color, Mandy! And look! It's big enough for your DSLR! You must get it."

I groaned. No. I couldn't afford random extra impulse buys at Coach. Absolutely not. I wouldn't give in. There was no way I was going to spend money that I hadn't specifically budgeted for a purse. I am far too sensible for that.

Except for one thing.

Photobucket  Photobucket

I wasn't too sensible for it after all.


I named it Brittany.

And then, I got home and saw this tweet from my buddy in response to my earlier twitpic:


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