Friday, April 9, 2010

In which I growl at Ellyn

A few weeks ago, I spent the entire evening drinking a glass of wine and webcaming with Ellyn, Sara, and Amie. We called the event "tokbox of wine," and "skwyne." (Get it? Skype + wine). The name I invented, "wype," didn't stick. I can't imagine why.

Oh my cow, the fun. We were laughing so hard. I made dinner in the same room with friends who were in three other states than my own. Sara was all "oh, be prepared because I look baaad, so baaad" and then she's all cute as a button and you have to roll your eyes at all of her disclaimers. Amie was anywhere from 4 to 20 seconds delayed because of her internet connection, so she would laugh at our jokes late as if she didn't get them right away. Ellyn ditched us in the middle of the conversation and then came back later because she thought LOST was more important than we were.

Technology, it is good.

Until tonight. Tonight it went terribly, terribly wrong. We got together again online tonight and, well, I made the mistake of recording my true colors in a video message that I sent to Ellyn when she got kicked offline once. And Ellyn, she tweeted it. Because she is evil like that.

(I'm told this will scare the crap out of you if your volume is up. Because I am loud.)

Lest you think I am cool... This is here to prove you wrong.
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