Thursday, June 24, 2010

The BIG news that I can't tell you

I'm maintaining radio silence right now.

But I'd really rather not be. Because I have news.


See, I'm sleeping* with a World Champion tonight.


After 24 years of hard work, Jack finally won World Champion in weapons today. And it wasn't even CLOSE. He blew the competition out of the water with his scores. It's his first title and it means red letters on the back of his uniform. Which is pretty much awesome. I'm indescribably proud of him. And he's ecstatic. I love seeing him get everything he's ever wanted.

And I promised him that if he won, I wouldn't tweet, Facebook, or announce it in any way until he had the chance to announce it himself on Facebook. Because apparently I steal his thunder when good things happen by tweeting before he can.

And then he got a two hour judging assignment right after he won. So here I am. Writing a blog post that I'm not allowed to publish.

But for the record, his students have been blowing up Facebook with the news since then, so I'm pretty sure everybody knows now.

I have a lot of pictures and a super-cool video to post of him winning and giving me a big sweaty kiss, but I'll have to do that later.

I've got a World Champion to celebrate with for now.

It has been a great day.


*Actually. The funny thing about that is... I'm technically not sleeping with a World Champion tonight. We have two beds in our hotel room. Because they messed up our reservation. So we've been sleeping in separate beds because it's just not worth being uncomfortable in a full-sized bed. So, well, I'm sleeping near a World Champion tonight. And I'll take that.
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