Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The cheese stands alone

(Alternately titled: Blah. Blah blah blah blah. Blah.)
(See also: Posts that are too boring to publish)

Yesterday I asked Twitter what my next blog topic should be. And man, did I get a lot of interesting answers. I think I got a few ideas for future blog posts. Thanks, Twitter!

Someone told me to write about cheese. And I think she knows me pretty well, because yes, I could in fact write a whole blog entry about cheese. Mmm, a sharp cheddar on a wheat thin? Divine. A tub of cottage cheese, a spoon, and a good TV show? That's the recipe for a perfect night. And Brie? Oh my cow, don't get me started on Brie. If you could cuddle with a cheese, that's the kind I would cuddle with.

Joel suggested I write about the World Cup. And you know what? It's growing on me.

At first, I was really opposed to this whole "soccer" thing. Because oh, the vuvuzelas! They were of the devil! The buzzing! The constant buzzing! Swarms and swarms of bees! In my living room! Please, make the buzzing stop!

I don't usually mind having sports on in the background if Jack is watching them, but soccer? And the buzzing? Made it almost unbearable.

Add to that the fact that nobody ever scores, and you have yourself a sport that's even more boring to watch than golf.


This morning, soccer and I were friends. Because the US was playing, and Jack thought it important enough of a game to delay our trip to Little Rock until it was over. So instead of getting up at 7 or 8 this morning, I got to get up at 9:30. And I even had time to leisurely finish packing, eat an apple, and check my e-mail. Without any death or divorce threats from about-to-travel Jack (who is, for the record, much less fun than regular Jack). It was almost like a vacation!

Well, except the part where I'm on my way to Little Rock, Arkansas right now.* That part of this story is a little less vacation-like.

But at least I'm not at work.


*We're here for Jack's taekwondo world championships, where he will test for his sixth degree tomorrow and compete for world champion tomorrow and Friday. We're excited (and Jack's a little nervous) about it!
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