Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't go

While we were in Little Rock, we were headed to dinner one night when we came up to an intersection. We had a really big truck in front of us, and right as the light went out of view behind the truck, I saw it turn from green to yellow. I knew Jack probably didn't see it, and the truck was going to make the light, so I warned Jack.

"Don't go," I said.

He didn't slow down.

"Don't go," I repeated.

Still didn't stop.

"Don't go!" I said again, louder this time.

He accelerated this time, right through the now-red light.

I looked at him, stunned at how blatantly he ignored me.

"Why did you go?" I asked.

"I didn't know it was red!" he replied.

"And the fact that I told you 'don't go' wasn't any indication that you shouldn't go?" I asked.

"I thought you were kidding!" he said.

"I was kidding? Really? Is that why I repeated it three times?" I asked.

And then, I think he gave me a funny look or something, and since I'm easily distracted, we moved on to something else.

Today, when we were on our way back from Little Rock, we watched a truck run a yellow-turned-red light much like Jack did a few days before.

"Oh, he ran that red light," Jack observed.

"Yeah, probably because his wife was telling him not to go," I teased.

"Probably. And he probably just heard 'yap yap yap' too." he teased back.

I acted all offended and Jack tried his best to sweet-talk me and tried to take my hand.

"Nope! You can't have it! I have to be mad at you for ten years now," I told him.

"Ten years!?" he responded, surprised. "That's ridiculous!"

"Sorry, them's the rules!" I said, mimicking something Jack says to me often.

"That's too long," he said. "You have to make it shorter."

I feigned thinking really hard for a moment, then nodded my head.

"Okay," I resigned, "I'll only be mad at you for six years."

"What? Six years? That's not okay either!" he said.

"Six years down from ten is a great deal! It's 40% off!" I explained.

"Yeah, but that's like saying we're going to sell our house for 6 trillion dollars and then cutting it down to 1.5 trillion! It's still not a good deal! The house isn't worth that! It's never going to sell," he reasoned.

"That's okay," I said. "I don't need to sell the house anyway. I can live in it for another ten years."
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