Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I could have sworn there was a school teacher in there somewhere

Ellyn called me a prude tonight.

To which I indignantly replied "pruuuude!?" And then I thought about it for a few seconds. "Yeah," I responded, simply.

Which started a conversation about being prude or being married or something else that I can't even remember because ahh the voices there were so many of them talking at once!

(Sidenote: if you've never used Tokbox to talk to more than one of your friends via webcam at one time, you should. Like, seriously. Go now.)

And all I know is, somehow somebody brought up the phrase "a whore in the bedroom," and everybody recognized said phrase but nobody could remember the first part.

"I remember!" I announced, triumphantly. "It's a school teacher in the classroom and a whore in the bedroom!"

They laughed at me.

But it made sense to me.

But what do I know about sayings with the word "whore" in them? I'm just a prude.

Better a prude than a hussy, I say.
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