Monday, June 7, 2010


All day, I've been irritated by these mosquito bites I got on my face last night. I guess a mosquito got into our room while we were sleeping or something. It was less than pleasant, but whatever.

When Jack got home, he took a look at me and did a double-take.

"You have poison ivy on your face," he said. "It's like, a line of it across your forehead."

Poison... what? Oh wait. Now I remember. CRAP.

I had pulled weeds in our backyard this weekend, and after the fact, Jack and his dad pointed out that we had poison ivy back there, but since I didn't break out right away, I figured I was in the clear.

Not so.

That's where I wiped my forehead.

And my cheek.

And my EYE. OMG, my eye. Praying HARD that it doesn't spread INTO my eye.

So, I'm washing our sheets. And everything else I can think of. And I made this red velvet cake tonight from scratch:

...which really has nothing to do with poison ivy at all but it's a much happier image to leave you with than the other ones.
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