Saturday, June 19, 2010

Set up direct deposit, already!

I keep having weird dreams.

Saying it like that sounds like I don't usually have weird dreams, but I pretty much always do. I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. Someday you'll come and join me. And we'll all live as one.

No. I'm going to focus this time. Away from me, Peter Cotton Tail!

Anyway, the dreams. I keep telling my friend Jessica about these odd dreams I'm having with her in them. She probably thinks I'm a stalker at this point since she's been in like, 14 of them, but if it helps any, I'm freaking out all my friends by dreaming about them.

The other day I told my friend Joel at work that I had a dream that he grabbed me as I was about to roll off a cliff. When I woke up, Jack was actually holding me back from rolling off the bed.

So, I guess that one wasn't too far of a stretch.

I mean, if my bed were thousands of feet tall and I would plummet to my death if I fell off instead of just hitting my head on the nightstand and landing on the dog.

So last night, I had a dream that my first high school boyfriend proposed. I thought it was pretty odd that he was doing it, since I was married and all. And as he was down on his knee, I looked down at my left hand. Yep, there were my wedding rings. I'm married in this dream too. Hmmm. That's really bold of him, I guess.

And I've never been proposed to when I wanted to say no, but I've always thought that if you get proposed to in a public way, even if you want to say no, you should probably say yes anyway and then correct it later. Because really, who says no in front of all those people? That's just humiliating for the guy.

And wouldn't you know it, the high school boyfriend had chosen to propose in front of a bunch of people. Maybe he knew about my theory.

So I'm looking at him and looking at the crowd, and I'm like "well, yeah okay I guess." And he got all excited about it. And he didn't have a ring, which was good I guess, since there were already two on my finger and that may have made for an awkward moment.

And then we walked into the hall and I explained that I couldn't marry him after all because I was already married and that I was sorry to disappoint him. And he got all mad and said I should have said yes if I wouldn't marry him. And then he made me go to the bank.

So now I'm a little annoyed with him.

Because I really hate going to the bank.
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