Thursday, June 17, 2010

Six minutes you'll never get back

Tonight I am watching basketball. On purpose and everything.

See, if the Celtics win this game, my brother and sister-in-law take home championship rings. Again. And okay, when there's jewelry involved, then sure, I'm interested in sports.

Ellyn told me I should blog more, and so I told her that my life is wildly uninteresting and that my blog posts would be boring, and she countered with "my blog posts are boring too," and I was like "yeah, okay, that's true" and here I am. (Teehee! Just kidding McCall. You know I love you.)

My job is about to get better, I think, for a couple reasons, and I think I'll save those details for a later date, but the news is simply that good things are happening in my group at work and I am excited about our future.

The work? It is fun. In the last year I've gone from primarily an audio girl (putting programs together for the radio broadcasts), to a video girl (putting promos, DVD products, and other web videos together). This is exactly where I want to be. I do enjoy the audio work, but the video, well, that keeps me at work super-late and makes me skip lunch without noticing. That's the kind of work I'd do even if they didn't pay more for it (Shhh! Don't tell them!), and the fact that not everybody feels that way about their job isn't lost on me. I realize how blessed I am to work where I work every day. (The walks to Starbucks every day at 3 p.m. don't hurt either).

On Friday, I got to direct a (teeny tiny) video shoot for a video devotional that we put out on our website monthly, and it was so much fun. Because directing is the grown-up version of bossing people around, and you know I can get down with that.

Except for the fact that it was in the woods, right in the middle of more poison ivy, and call me crazy, but I was a little paranoid about it considering my current state.

Speaking of my current state, the poison ivy is better. Not gone completely, and my arms and legs broke out quite a bit after the initial messed-up-face incident (and the face definitely got worse before it got better), but I don't want to die anymore, so I count that as a win.

On Tuesday morning I woke up with my throat feeling a little swollen, so naturally I avoided telling my husband that I could be dying and simply went to the Urgent Care place to get a steroid shot. When I tweeted that, my nurse friend Lori tweeted back "that's gonna hurt bad!" I so appreciate you sugar-coating it, Lori. Thanks.

And it did hurt. I mean, not as bad as the last one I had, but I don't like needles in general, especially not in my hip, so I was all "I'm just going to cover my face and wimper now, Nurse Lady, mmmk?"

Sidenote: I'm glad I don't work in a job where I have to tell people to pull down their pants. I mean, I'm glad there are people who do, but it just seems like an uncomfortable thing to say to a stranger. Or, you know, hear from one.

So we've been eating healthier lately. I think, oddly enough, that it started with The Pioneer Woman - cooking from scratch was actually doable for the first time with her recipes, and from there, I learned how to cook some healthier stuff from scratch. Now it's fresh vegetables, leaner meats, less starch, whole grains, and smaller portions. Nothing fancy and we're definitely not strict about it, but it's still a little pretentious to talk about. World! Look at us! We are important people who make such fabulous choices. Good for us!

But Jack's actually asking for and enjoying healthy food, I'm down ten pounds, and we both feel better in general. It's hard to complain when your clothes fit better (or you get an excuse to buy smaller clothes).

This week is "crazy hair week" at Jack's taekwondo school, so Jack has been coming home every day this week with a weird and different hairstyle. Either that, or Jack is just really experimenting with his hair lately. I assume there are other people at his work that do this.

Yesterday? It was this.

I couldn't even look at him when he was talking. I was like "how did anybody take you seriously today?"

The problem is, there's not a lot he can do with his hair that's all that crazy since it's all of about two inches long. I'm told he's going to try out a "reverse mohawk" today. I guess the sides stick out and the middle is down? I don't know. He seemed pretty excited about it.

Do you know what keeps me from blogging most of the time? A clever ending. I have deleted decent stories instead of publishing them because I couldn't think of a great way to end the post. And this is where I'm at now. Do I tell a joke? Take a bow? Distract you with something shiny?

I think I'll just rely on an old favorite that seems to work on Glee.

*Jazz hands!*
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