Saturday, July 31, 2010

In which I whine about my week

I'm sitting in DFW airport, waiting to board my flight to South Dakota. I had to sit by the power outlet for my laptop, which was close to a family of five. The dad is baffled by facebook and his teenage daughter isn't all to happy to be explaining it to him. Remember when parents weren't on facebook? Or even teenagers, for that matter. When it was just college kids and there was a profile picture, your name, and just a big block of text for your wall. No applications, no news feed, no political arguments. Those were the days, right? I mean, admittedly I do think the news feed is a nice touch, and parents, welcome, but still. If you can tell me about your good old days of buying a movie ticket and popcorn for a dime, I can tell you about the good old days of college-only Facebook.

But I digress.

The week has sucked. My parents left on Monday to go to what I thought was Wyoming but turned out to be South Dakota (seriously, did anybody else know that Rapid City was in South Dakota? Can anybody name any city in South Dakota? Didn't think so).

My grandma (mom's mom) checked into the hospital with jaw pain about a week ago and deteriorated substantially since then. On Wednesday, my dad told me that they were signing a DNR for her, and on Thursday morning, I called my mom at work and she tearfully answered that my grandmother had just passed away that minute (I have great timing, don't I?)

So, there's that. After putting the dog to sleep two weeks ago and now this whole thing this week, we're all "okay, life, hahaha! Good one! You got us! But that's enough with all the death, mmmk?"

My parents went and got a new dog after Tia died but as far as I can tell there's no grandparent pound (Internet, if you know of one, please advise), so we're kind of stuck with no replacement on this one.

She didn't want a funeral. Because she was all "don't have a funeral for meeeee. That's just silly. I don't need a funeral." And yeah, she was right, she doesn't
need one. Because guess what! Funerals aren't for the dead person, they're for the people left.

So they're having a casual memorial service at their house instead, which I think means that we're hanging out and talking about her there. So jokes on you, Grandma! We win this one.

So I'm going to go there and hang out. Which is nice.

Evidently my grandfather is growing corn. And my grandma told me that there's a little frog that hangs out with her on the porch sometimes, though now I wonder if her little frog will wonder why she stood him up the last couple nights. And he's probably asking all his little frog friends what's wrong with him and why didn't she show up for his dates?

Probably not.

But the travel isn't quite as enjoyable when you've worked a 50-hour week. And the dogs have had diarrhea (inside the house!) and whined all night every night because one wants to dance on top of you in your bed instead of sleeping in his cage and he other wants to play with the one who wants to dance on top of you. And and you booked the wrong freaking flight to South Dakota which gave you a 10-hour layover in Denver. And you got a speeding ticket last night. And oh yeah your dog and grandma are dead. And when it rains it pours and my goodness stop raining already we have a sprinkler system!

But it's okay. Honestly. I'm tired, but fine. Jack cleaned up the dog mess for me (and I must do an entire boy brag post about that one, because we have a clearly
negotiated agreement that he is not responsible for poop). And there's always defensive driving for the ticket. And I got the plane ticket changed with no substantial penalties and my dad paid for it in the first place which was so nice of him. Because, expensive.

Mostly I just want to be there for my mom and grandfather. Because she lost her mom and he lost his spouse, and I don't know what life without either of those people looks like but for me, it would look dark.

Very, very dark.
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