Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I need immunity, because I'm not really all that good

Update 8/12 - Well, sorry to say my team didn't win immunity this week. But rest assured that if I make it to next week, the same thing goes - if we win immunity next week, you'll have another shot at it!! Thanks for the votes, everyone! You rock. And in case you care, here's what I designed this week.


So, I'm taking part in a thing called Designer Survivor, in which you design digital scrapbook stuff competition-style. It's very fun and challenging, and every week, there's an immunity challenge (just like the show) and people get voted off (like the show). So, I need you to vote for my team, Team Ribbon. It's just one click, no registration.

And leave a comment here if you vote, because if my team wins immunity this week, I'll have choose a winner of a free $60 blog makeover. If you tweet it, leave another comment, facebook status it, leave another comment, blog it, leave another comment. 5 total chances to enter. Ends tomorrow.

That's right. I'm buying your votes. It may be my only shot at staying in this competition. Ready, go!
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