Friday, August 20, 2010

YOU:Create - Gitz kit!

Late nights full of laughter with friends. Is there anything better?

I spent the night talking face-to-face to my three friends from three different states than mine. The laptop sat on the counter while I cooked Brinner (breakfast for dinner, in case you don't know that word like Ellyn). Jack teased Amie about her cute southern accent from across the room and I just about killed Sara by introducing her to a few of the inner-workings of my mind.

Speaking of Sara, how much do you love YOU:Create? I completely love everything about it. And everything about her. Which is why this week, when I saw her YOU:Create post, I was thrilled, because I had created something for her which just so happened to go right along with her theme.

A Gitz kit! I used the colors from her blog design, her doodles from past YOU:Create downloads, and styles of elements I thought would suit her. I'm happy with how it turned out, mostly because it reminds me of her, and also because I'll be proud to put a piece of one of my dearest friends in my digital scrapbook store.

Oh what's that? I didn't tell you I applied and was accepted at a real digiscrap store? Um, cause I totally did. Woah. Seriously. I'm delirious and ecstatic. Am I actually going to be a real digiscrap designer? Who am I? What is my purpose here? Why can't I ever find a pair of socks that match? Do these pants make my butt look big?


I'll definitely be announcing which store and all the details when I'm ready to open, but I have some designing to do before that happens. But until then, I have a Gitz kit. And that's a start. A very, very happy start.

And because I love you all, and because I know there are, in fact, a good 2-6 people reading this who actually care about all this digital scrapbooking nonsense, I made my favorite word art from the kit available for download here.

Choose joy. This simple phrase encompasses Sara's entire life. She lives by this. Not like "I write about it on my blog" lives by it, but like "I am constantly in more excruciating pain than you will ever be in but I will still choose to praise God for the gifts he's given me" lives by it. What a woman.
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