Friday, September 24, 2010

The thoughts in my head

  • I seem to write blog posts in little bursts of two or three. And then there's a long break. And then there's another two or three. I have lost the ability to spread out my thoughts. And I'd better write them down when they happen or they're not going to stay in my brain for much longer. So I'm going to have this automatically publish tomorrow afternoon, after you have all read my hilarious monkeys on the bed story.

    But every time I auto-publish in the middle of the day, I become concerned that my company (the one that couldn't care less about my blog) will look at the time stamp and say "This is heresy! You have written a blog post in the middle of the work day, when you were supposed to be working!" And I will say "Nay, company, nay! I did not write this blog post in the middle of the day, for behold! The technology allows me to publish it in the future as if by magic!" And they will say "Surely this is witchcraft, woman! We shant stand for this!"

    And then they will burn me at the stake. And is it really worth being burned at the stake for a few more comments on my previous post?

    Evidently so, because I'm still going to do it.

  • I am very excited about TV premiere week. Welcome back, my DVR friend. Once again you are useful. I'll just delete the reruns on you and we'll start from scratch, okay?

  • The other day, I was driving across the street from the sandwich shop to my office after picking up lunch. My friend Owen was in the passenger seat, and as I waited to turn left on a arrowless green light, I glanced over at him.

    "Why aren't you wearing your seatbelt?" I asked him, in my best stern-mom voice.

    "No, we're not going very far," he replied.

    "What?" I said. "No, you have to buckle up. It's the law, you know. You're going to get a ticket. Do you want a ticket?"

    Reluctantly, Owen grabbed his seatbelt and buckled it. I saw an opening in the oncoming traffic and pulled out, and in the middle of the intersection, I glanced up to see that the light had turned from green to red. Owen wasted no time.

    "Mandy!" he lectured ironically. "Running a red light is against the law, you know! You're going to get a ticket. Do you want a ticket?"

    So I killed him.

  • On Monday night, Jack kicked a kid in the elbow (while sparring... he doesn't just randomly walk around and kick kids in their elbows) and came home with a very swollen and black foot. He went to see the orthopedic doctor today and was told one of his bones was displaced. He's not allowed to run for the next few weeks. He doesn't seem to be terribly upset about that part.

  • I found a new game. Do a twitter search for "1 follower away from" to see the tweets (to the people who already follow them, mind you) about how they're one follower away from a certain number and they want that one person to follow them. (Let's go ahead and add that one to the already long list of Mandy's pet peeves.)

    But because I'm a giver, I will be that follower! And then I will unfollow them after they notice that they made it. So congratulations, @RIPSTAH_VIP! You've earned yourself a temporary follower. Congratulations on 600.

  • My digital scrapbooking stores open in less than a week. I guess I should design some more stuff for that.

  • We started decorating for Fall. It's fantastic. Warm colors suit our house so well. And the weather is becoming cooler. It's only in the 90s now. Which I am quite sure is a direct result of my decorating for Fall. Powerful decorations, I have. Yoda, I write like. And I have darker hair now. Which probably also helps in creating the cooler weather. Yeah. It's the hair and the decor that does it.
  • BikeMS registration opens in less than two weeks. I am captaining Team HP this year without Jimmy. In the past seven years, this team has raised about a half a million dollars. Last year, we had 150 riders. This is an impressive team. And we've always had an impressive captain. But our impressive captain moved to impressive Florida and now I'm going to pretend to be impressive this year in his place. Sponsorships, fundraising, jersey designs, social events, training rides... there are 7 months to do it all.

    This is concerning.

  • Today, as I was putting a lasagna into my car on the way to deliver it to somebody, I dropped it on my garage floor. I actually screamed "NOOOOOOOO!" all dramatic, like in the movies, as it was falling. But it landed right-side-up. Which is good, because it was kind of the only lasagna I had and they were expecting it and all.

    So I picked it back up. And took it back inside. And fixed it. And I still delivered it. And I kind of felt bad, since I dropped it on the floor and all. It wasn't as pretty as it could have been. But not everything I cook is pretty anyway, I guess. Here's to embracing the flaws in our dinners and ourselves, I guess.

    And don't worry - I licked all the dirt off of it before I delivered it.

  • My friend Angela is coming to see me this weekend. And I'm going to see my friend Ellyn in less than a month.

    And life is good, so good with those things to look forward to.
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