Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hope you have a bullet-proof vest

GET IT? BULLETS! Holy cow, I am so clever.
  • I miss blogging, but there are quite a few really great things keeping me from blogging. Like blogging, for example. I know. Ironic.

  • Glee is weak this season. Modern Family, however, is not.
  • BikeMS registration opened yesterday. I am so excited and so nervous to be leading a team of about 150 people this year. I'm concerned about sponsorships (Ps, I will shamelessly advertise for your company if you're willing to sponsor us). And coordinating 150 riders. And countless volunteers. And training for my own ride. And not being able to clip out of my pedals in front of my team. But good news! I get to worry about that for the next 7 months! Ulcer, here I come!
  • (Ulcer or not, I'm still really excited about doing this again):
    Ahhh, spandex bike shorts. You and I are going to get to know each other again soon, aren't we?

  • I am not a web designer. By any means. My blog design business is a glorified digital scrapbooking business and a neglected one at that (I'm sorry, clients! I haven't forgotten about you, I promise! It's the BikeMS registration week. It sucked up every spare moment I had, including time I usually spend sleeping.) Anyway, I have been modifying a horribly complicated (for me) template for my BikeMS team's website and now? I'm really glad I work in broadcasting. I am much too dumb for web design. But as Jack said: "At least you're pretty!" He also said "Well, I didn't marry you for your brain." (True. He married me for my spandex bike shorts. Chicka chicka padded butt. HOT.)
  • My Ahhh Scrap store opened yesterday. I can hardly believe it. A real digital scrapbooking store. I'm thrilled. I have not had a lot of time to wrap my mind around that one. It's just sort of there for now. But I am excited.
  • My friend Eric brought a GIANT RICE KRISPIE TREAT to work today. I mean, for serious. He found it at a gas station, of all places. I could have wrapped it around my entire head. I didn't though, since I didn't want my coworkers eating things off my head.

    I couldn't stop staring at it. And I really wanted somebody to pick it up and take a big bite out of it, as if they were a giant. Or, I guess, a teeny tiny person, since the ratio was actually the other way around. (The thoughts in my head are attacking me.)

  • Speaking of treats. Pumpkin spice latte? YES YES YES OH GOSH YES I'LL HAVE WHAT SHE'S HAVING I LOVE FALL. My mom bought me one this morning on the way to work. Which means I like her best now, obviously. (See also: my love can be purchased.)

  • Last Friday, Jack and I woke up together at 10 a.m. with our windows open. And it smelled like Fall. And the dog got on the bed and rolled around and cuddled all excited-like and we took a super-blurry picture of the three of us with my cell phone and then I made pancakes and coffee and we spent the day holding hands and walking around our favorite outdoor shopping center in the 70-degree cloudless weather with our happy little dog on a string.

    I mean, honestly, you should be dry heaving by now; we are so disgusting and adorable.

    And now this blurry picture is my phone's background and even though it may very well be the worst photo I have ever taken, it is now one of my favorites.

     Because happiness is blurry sometimes, I guess.
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