Monday, October 18, 2010

One classy night

It's Day 3 in Florida. I haven't accidentally hospitalized any of Ellyn's children yet and we're having quite a good time. We have already watched Dr. Horrible twice. And if I had to guess, I would say that we haven't seen our last round of that one. If you haven't seen it yet, run, don't walk to whatever you stream Netflix from and watch it immediately.

Ellyn's kids are "resting" which is a fancy way of saying "they're staying in their room so she can get things done and relax." Brilliant! Resting time! Who knew? I mean, they're certainly not resting; they're playing. Actually, a minute ago they were singing hymns, which was kind of hilarious to me since they're all tiny and such. But anyway. Rest time. I approve.

Ellyn and I went out the night before last after she got off work to a little pub nearby, and we were enjoying a glass of wine when some guys who were with her group of work friends came over with three gallon-sized bags of beef jerky. One of them was labeled "regular," the other "hot" and the third "XXX spicy." Evidently it was homemade jerky, which was supposed to be good, and they wanted us to try it. They were pretty insistent, so we took a few pieces to try. It was then that we realized just how cool we were.

Wine and jerky. Claaaasssssyyyy.

Anyway, at one point during the evening, one of Ellyn's friends came outside to where we were sitting and told us that Joey Fatone was inside. We "casually" walked inside to confirm or deny this claim, glasses of wine in hand (we left the jerky there... what were we thinking? We could have looked doubly classy!), and as we walked through the pub, we saw that he was, in fact, visiting with some people at the bar. Which means that I have officially seen a RENT cast-member in real life, though I don't really think he should count (nobody is Mark Cohen except Anthony Rapp and Neil Patrick Harris, sorry).

We continued to walk past as if we were going to the bathroom and when we got to the back of the room, Ellyn casually glanced over to the former N'Sync member as she lifted her glass to her lips. So smooth, this one. As she tipped her glass up to take a coy little drink, she accidentally spilled her wine all down the front of her shirt.

Like I said, smooth.

We burst into laughter and since there was really no way of regaining the illusion of suaveness, we headed back outside.

A little later, I had to go to the bathroom, so I went back inside and burst into laughter as soon as I walked through the door. After washing my hands, I practically ran back out to Ellyn and told her she absolutely had to come to the bathroom with me.

I think I may have scared her a little, until she saw this:

Joey Fatone's alleged signature. On the chalkboard above the urinal in the bathroom.

Yep. This was one classy night.
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