Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ten keys to happiness

Or, at the very least, ten keys to a 60% or higher decrease in your my stress level.

1) Keep the house clean.

2) Drink gingerbread lattes much and often.

3) Shower and choose the next day's clothes at night.

4) Have a meal plan.

5) Always perform well at work but recognize that you are technically just there for a paycheck and that's okay too because it means weekends with that guy you like so much.

6) Have a husband who does nice things for you.

7) Choose not to watch that horrific Private Practice that everyone is talking about, even though it's still on your DVR.

8) Just give in and let the dog onto the bed with you in he mornings.

9) Quit things that are stressing you out.

10) Go order yourself another gingerbread latte.
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