Sunday, November 14, 2010

The thoughts in my head tonight

  • Sarah Palin has a reality show? I mean honestly. Does she really want to be taken seriously as a politician? WHILE ON TLC? REALLY?
  • Yes, I will probably end up watching it. Clearly I have no boundaries for bad television. I also love Glee and 19 Kids and Counting.
  • Also. I am finished with my Christmas shopping. And by association, so is Jack. Since I bought all of his for him as well. Let's just take a moment to revel in that, shall we? I do not have a Christmas tree yet, and yet I also do not have any Christmas shopping to do. I believe this will be a Merry Christmas indeed. And more importantly, a Merry November 7-30 and December 1-24.
  • Speaking of voting, on voting day, they didn't give me an "I voted" sticker. We waited in line for an hour and we didn't get a sticker. DON'T THEY KNOW THIS IS THE MAIN REASON THAT I VOTE!? Government FAIL.
  • We have drank (drunk? drinked?) about eleventy billion Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes this month. We are very much enjoying the red cup bliss.
  • Last night, we went to a minor league hockey game. We knew it would be cold in there, so we were hoping to take gingerbread lattes in with us (see above). To make sure they didn't have a "no food or drink" policy in the arena, I called them and asked specifically whether I would be able to bring in Starbucks drinks. She said "oh yes, that's definitely fine. You just can't bring in like, 10 pizzas." I had no intention of bringing in 10 pizzas, so we went and bought our Starbucks drinks. And then? When we got to the arena? There was a giant "NO OUSTIDE FOOD OR DRINKS" sign and they made us throw them away. THROW THEM AWAY! So. Eleventy billion minus a half.
  • I did my best to chug my gingerbread latte before I had to throw the rest away. This is not a good idea.
  • The heater in our house is broken.
  • Jack has made me breakfast the last two Sundays. The "made-with-love" variety. The kind that makes the back of your arms all flabby but you don't care because NOM NOM NOM BACON AND LOVE BACON AND LOVE! That boy? He is nice.
  • He is also slightly crazy. In that he is just short of using formulas and mathematical equations to calculate exactly how to finish everything at exactly the same time so everything will be hot at once. I mean, he spent 5 minutes before he even started cooking just strategizing the timing.
  • It has never occurred to me to use math for... anything, really.
  • We bought 30 rolls of toilet paper tonight. Thirty. Along with massive amounts of dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, paper towels (forgive me, Jill, for I have sinned), cream of chicken soup, toothpaste, and many other sale + coupon items. The cashier looked at us like we were a crazy stocking-up-for-the-apocalypse couple.
  • If there is an apocalypse, we are SO READY. At least, in terms of toilet paper and cream of chicken soup.
  • I'm pretty sure our apocalypse toilet paper shopping put us over our grocery budget this month. Because we were saving money by using coupons! Irony.
  • You probably can't eat toilet paper, right? That would be gross. But if anybody has any recipes, please share here!
  • Clearly I have run out of relevant bullet points (like any of them were in the first place). There are technically big things happening for the Hornbuckles, but I don't want to blog them until they're for serious final and done. But there's probably definitely surely hopefully happy news 'a comin.
  • If any of you accuse me of being pregnant, I'm going to smack you.
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