Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite toys of 2010

Life isn't all about things. No, life is about love and family and Christmas with all your favorite people who don't mind when you totally screw up the creamed corn and ham and very much about husbands who do the dishes and cuddle and make you laugh until your stomach hurts.


There are still some things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy every time you use them. I have things like that. And the warm and fuzzy things deserve a blog post. Because, warm. Fuzzy.

(I'm totally using Amazon affiliate links. Because, money. But I paid for all those things myself or got them as gifts from friends and family, because I am so not popular enough for these companies to send me this kind of stuff.)
  • Rubbermaid Easy Find tupperware - Oh my cow, who knew that tupperware could make you so very happy? The almost all-one-size lids all lock together and everything stacks beautifully. Gone are the days of shoving all the tupperware into my cabinet and closing the door as fast as I can before it topples back out on me. The trick is to make sure you get rid of your old stuff though.

  • iPhone 4 - But I don't want to talk about it. It makes me feel dirty.

  • Breville Panini Press - Jack got me this for Christmas. And my in-laws got me one too! (I'm guessing they're going to communicate a little more next year). And oh, the sandwiches. Crisp and fancy and delicious. I'm so in love. DON'T put the tomatoes right next to the bread as they obliterate with their delicious moisture. DO add artichoke hearts on your panini. You're welcome.

  • Kindle - This isn't mine; it's Jack's. But he adores his and takes it everywhere he goes. I have the Kindle app on my iPhone and I'm loving that too. No more trying to figure out what to do with the millions of paper books we've already read! (I mean, I guess we still have to figure out what to do with those, but we won't have to buy any new ones, at least.)

  • Scrapbooks Etc. magazine - My mom gets really, really excited when she gets Handyman Magazine in the mail. I can't for the life of me figure out why she likes that one so much, but that's how I feel when I get this magazine. I scraplift from it for both paper and digital, and they have great tips for both beginner and advanced techniques. It's like Jenni Hufford in magazine format. Love.

  • Revlon Age Defying Moisterizing Concealer - I had Maybelline concealer for a long time. So long, in fact, that I began to refer to it as my "manna concealer" because even though it was "empty" for an entire year, every morning, there would be just enough to use that day. It was cu-razy. But anyway, by the time I finally actually ran out, it had been discontinued, I guess. So I had to do the scary, scary, job of picking a new brand (which meant trying to match my old color to a new color OMG HOLD ME). I ended up going with Revlon, mostly because that's the brand of lip gloss my grandma had that I ended up with and loved. The concealer is equally impressive - much better coverage than the Maybelline and stays on noticeably longer. I am very happy with it, especially for a drugstore makeup.

  • Shark Vac then Steam Mop - I would write a song about this steam mop if I had any kind of talent whatsoever. It would be a love song, in case you were wondering. I used Ellyn's once while I was in Florida this year, and even though it was awesome (yay steam! yay sanitation! YAY LIFE!), it's not quite as awesome as mine. Because mine is a dustbuster first and then a steam mop. So, I win. Sorry, El.

  • Bissell Carpet Steamer - Speaking of steam, Jack got this for me at a garage sale for $30 and it was basically brand new! And I know it's pricey brand new, but I think you can also rent them and they're totally worth it. This is the kind of machine with which I would hold hands and skip through a field of daisies if it was into that kind of thing. I try to steam my carpets at least every other week, and it makes such a huge difference, especially with The Evil Urine Dog in the house. Also, I don't buy the expensive shampoo stuff for it - I just use liquid laundry detergent, and it works great.

  • Fabric coffee sleeve - My in-laws got me this super-cool little Starbucks brand coffee sleeve for Christmas, and even though I'm concerned that people will think that I care about the environment when I use it, it really is very nice. Not only does it keep my hands cool and safe, it keeps my coffee hot and delicious. The Starbucks version has little grippies on the inside like on the bottom of comfy socks, which is very cool. My only complaint with the Starbucks brand one is that it has a great pocket that is just slightly too small for my Starbucks card. Silly. My friend Erin also sews her own version, and they are SO CUTE. She has the best taste ever. She makes birdies and owls and uses vintage buttons and just trust me on this one. If you want to buy hers, let me know. I'll get her to give me pictures and prices.

  • iHome Bike-to-beach speaker system for iPod - I'm not going to lie, I don't love exercise. In fact, I kind of hate it. But I'm pretty much stuck doing BikeMS at this point because my selfish mom wants her chronic disease cured. This iHome is perfect. It mounts where one of your water bottles goes and snaps in tight so it doesn't move, and you have a little remote control you can mount on your handle bars so you can turn it up or down, pause, or skip to the next song. Your iPhone won't fit in it and close for riding though - it's too tall for that, so you have to have an iPod.

  • Rachael's Scraps Store - Okay, so this is totally my secret weapon when it comes to digiscrap design when I'm low on time. She has extremely high quality commercial use products, and I have been very happy with everything I've purchased there. While I'm on digiscrap designers that save me time, I also love Chrissy W. Templates, and my favorite kit designers are Creations by Rachael, Jacabean, and Down This Road Designs (I know, I CT/have CTed for all of those kit designers, but that's because I love them. Fo realz).

  • Kinect for Xbox 360 - Oh my gosh, my brother and sister-in-law sent us this for Christmas and it is SO MUCH FUN. And the technology? Freaking incredible. I probably will never play a Wii again. This one uses your entire body with no controller at all and functions beautifully. We play Kinect Sports with my brother on the Xbox Live network (he lives in Boston and we live in Dallas) and we have so much fun. Also, makes you super-sore. I really want to get Dance Central and the workout one. (Because I don't think we look quite ridiculous enough playing the sports one.) It's all very addicting. AND! We used it as a webcam on Christmas morning and they got to see my mom open the present we all got her. So fun.

  • Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog - Technically I didn't purchase this because you can watch it on streaming Netflix (over and over and over!), but if you haven't seen it, it's really, really important that you do. Have I ever led you astray? Trust me on this one. I mean, Neil Patrick Harris. Amen and amen.

  • shoes - Thank you, Lindsay Ferrier. Also, I hate you.

  • Rachael Ray's Lazy Spoon and Ladle set - Jack got me these for my birthday and they are SO COOL. They fit on the edges of your pans so you don't need a spoon rest. They are dishwasher safe, and I like the flexible feel of them. Related: my in-laws just gave me a super-cool spoon rest clippie thing for my pots to use with my regular spoons too! I used it while I was cooking Christmas dinner, and I love it.
More things I love on my running list and last year's favorite things list (which are kind of the same).
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