Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hijacked (a tale and a giveaway)

Update - Congratulations Kimber at Pure Joy! You're getting a blogjacking!!


I hijacked Ellyn's blog design last night. I have been working with her on a new design on and off for a while and between me being lazy and her being anal adorably particular, it's been taking a while. So last night, we were e-mailing back and forth and I said this:

I'm going to do a Christmas one of my choosing right now. And you don't get a say on what it looks like.

This led to a conversation about a blog design Trading Spaces, and I said that I would definitely do that. "I'll do yours and you do mine," I typed. She wrote back "Okay, but I'm going to have to hire you to do yours." Useless, that one.

Anyway, it was kind of a joking conversation until I found a picture in her Flickr account that I just couldn't pass up. Because when I saw it, I envisioned this header:

Which, of course, led to the blog design she has on there now against her will.

She found out about it today. I don't think she was thrilled about me putting a photo of her screaming child on her blog header. But nobody's thrilled about a hijacking. That's why they call it a hijacking and not a ride-along.


I like to give away a blog design at Christmas every year, remember? It's kind of fun and doesn't really cost me anything. And it means that I get comments on my blog which translates to love and popularity which fulfills my need to be in the spotlight because LOOK AT ME! I'M AN ATTENTION WHORE!

Oh yeah. The blog makeover. Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a blog design hijacking. The winner will send me up to five photos and their favorite color, all of which I may or may not use. And their blog title, which I will use. Because, come on, it's still your blog. And I will decide what your blog design looks like and design one for you. YOU WILL BE AT MY MERCY.

Of course, if you don't like it, I suppose you could just not let me install it. That's where Ellyn went wrong. Giving me her password all those many years ago. Hooray for constantly abusing privileges given by close friends!

Anyway, leave a comment here to win. For 10 extra entries, donate any amount to either my BikeMS ride or Renee's love-a-thon and leave 10 extra comments if you do. I will have choose a winner on December 26.

Good luck!
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