Friday, January 28, 2011

Not what we thought it would look like

December 20, 2005 - Dear Past Mandy, please, when you are Future Mandy, remember that side-swept bangs don't work for you. At all. I mean, YIKES. Love, Present Mandy.

This photo was taken back when Jack's taekwondo school was being built. It was his boss' third taekwondo school in the area and they opened it for the purpose of selling it to him one day.

December 2005. We had been together about two and a half years at that point, and I was a sophomore at A&M. Jeez. That was a long time ago.

We had it all planned out - Jack would run the school for his bosses for one or maybe two years, and then he would purchase it from them. By the time we were even engaged, he would be a school owner. He would earn his fifth degree as a school owner, and he would win world champion for the first time as a school owner.

I made a scrapbook for the school with all the pictures from the build-out because, as I told Jack, "this school is going to be ours someday, and I want to have it scrapbooked."

You think God ever laughs, like, a "BAAAHAHAHA" laugh? If He does, He was certainly laughing that laugh at our silly little plans for this school. It just didn't happen that way.

Because tonight we walked out of the school we built-out in 2005 for the last time, leaving it very much the way it looked then.

This wouldn't be our first business's building after all.

And yes, Jack did still build this amazing school, and yes, it is definitely still the same business with the same wonderful students. But it's really not what we thought it would look like. It's not "when" we thought it would look like either.

So now, we make plans once again for a building, which is bigger and better than the first. This time I envision my kids taking their first taekwondo classes or maybe even some of their first steps in here. Jack will earn his mastership and come back to be called "Master Hornbuckle" here. Late nights at the school sorting through inventory together. Good months and hard months as small business owners. Learning to live together and work together and love together over and over again.

But, well, that's just my plan. Having seen the way God's plans usually work out for us, though, I'd rather not aim quite so low.
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