Friday, January 28, 2011

Remember this

I'm starting to understand why the guys who fought battles back in the day would cry out "Remember the...!" Like, "Remember the Alamo!" and "Remember Goliad!" Because after war, you want to remember all the people who fought for you and against you.

And now, we have finished the first battle. If you saw the condition of our house, you would agree. It is quite the war-zone. We have so much taekwondo equipment strewn about in there, we could run the school out of our living room.

But it's okay. Because Jack called and told me today that the Small Business Association had approved our loan, and that was the last step we had before closing.

"YAAAAAAY!!!!" I screamed into the phone after he told me. "THANK GOD!"

"I KNOW!" he replied back excitedly.

"No, I mean really. THANK GOD."

"I KNOW!" he responded again, having known what I meant the first time.

So yes, we are thanking God. Like, hardcore. Everything has finally fallen into place for this business purchase, and even though it wasn't without setbacks (OH THE SETBACKS), it is still positively divine how the timing of this worked out (or even that it worked out at all).

We have had so many problems with getting this deal to go through that we were starting to expect that we would have to wait yet another month to close.

(See also: the government ran out of money. Yeah.)

But today, we got the approval. And we will actually finish by the end of the month after all.

We are blessed. We are blessed we are blessed we are blessed. HARDCORE BLESSED, you guys.

And so, Future Jack and Mandy, please remember this moment. Please remember the waiting, and the frustrations, and the sighing, and the "whys" of these last couple of years.

Remember months of late nights filling out paperwork and days of running around town. Remember collapsing into bed every night and naming off all the things that still need to be done until you fell asleep.

Remember the sweet way Jack handled the stress - not taking it out on you, but collapsing into your arms and sheepishly asking "is it over yet?" most every night. Remember the way he apologized for the dishes and laundry he didn't have time to do and made a very tired effort to make you feel special even though he had so many other things on his mind.

Remember laughing over all the little things that kept going wrong because there was really nothing else to do together except either laugh or cry. So you chose laughter.

Remember that feeling of nervousness, dread, and excitement all mixed up together when something fell through or came together during these last months.

Remember that panic you felt as you emptied every savings account you had during a time when you weren't even 100% sure if it would really happen.

Remember the words you reassured each other with so many times: "this is going to happen for us."

And my goodness, for the love of all that is holy, please remember the people who helped you.

The business partner that stepped up and took a risk with you when he didn't have to.

The dad who built beautiful cabinets and shelves and storage racks and counters for the school. Who didn't complain one bit that he had to drive up weekend after weekend and spend his time off working on your stuff.

The other dad who reassured you over and over that when something went wrong, he would be there to support you financially just as soon as you needed it. The one who sent you home with meat for dinner when you were too tired to go to the grocery store or handed you a little extra cash for lunch the next day just because.

And of course, the two moms who cheered you on harder than anybody else in the world.

Remember how flexible your students were to be willing to move twice within two months - and to spend the first month in a teeny, tiny dance studio that was most definitely too small for the 300 students.

And those friends who helped you move that one night (and who will probably show up for you again in March) - the ones who brought tools and trailers and trucks and got down on their hands and knees and pried up the workout floor and took apart the bleachers and loaded up the kick pads and desks and everything else you needed help with? The ones that stayed until nearly midnight making sure you had help with every last thing?

I don't even think I have to tell you to remember that.

That's something you'll never forget.
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