Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's going to be awful

You know that first couple days after your wedding, where you're going along, doing your thing, and then all of the sudden, you're like "Oh yeah, I'm married. Woah." And you kind of giggle when you refer to your spouse as your "husband" for the first few weeks at least? And it's weird, all of the sudden being something totally different than you used to be, and realizing you're never going back to what you were?

It's like that when you buy a business too.

Jack and I will be doing whatever, and all of the sudden he'll look at me and say "We own a karate school." And we both laugh. Because, woah. We own a business. When did that happen?

But it's not really that easy to forget it. Since we're working all the time and all. His dad is here every weekend helping him build something or paint something or tile something for the school (GOD BLESS THAT MAN), and Jack is up until 2 and 3 and 4 in the morning doing accounting or filling out paperwork or whatever, and I am making door signs and websites and banners for the school and HOLY COW WHEN WILL IT ALL END?

Oh yeah, it won't end. Because we are small business owners. And my goodness, we are happy about it. Some of us are happier about it than others at certain times of the evening.

Exhibit A:

This was taken at 1:30 in the morning, after we had painted lumber for three hours in our garage at the end of a 12-hour workday. I could barely stand up. And he? Looked like that. And, like most any other time, was talking about a million words a minute.

"Mandy! Isn't this cool? We own a karate school! Want to help me sort out all these contracts for MY KARATE SCHOOL? Look at the pretty colored folders, Mandy! I'm glad we got all that wood primed! Now we just have to paint it. Won't that be great, Mandy? YAY, LIFE!!!"

It's funny the reactions people have to good news. I don't know what it is that makes them point out the worst possible scenario to whatever situation you're in.

Getting married? MARRIAGE IS A PRISON FROM WHICH YOU CAN ONLY ESCAPE WHEN YOU DIE! DIIIIEEEE!! Also! You'll never have sex again because HA! HAHAHA! Married people hate sex! And you're going to fall out of love as soon as you see his living habits!

Changing jobs? You'll probably be just as unhappy at your next job! All bosses are the same and you'll always have terrible terrible problems and you will never be happy no matter what you do!

Enjoying being married for a few years without children? Why haven't you pro-created yet? WHY? Where are the children? Children are a BLESSING! YOU ARE CLEARLY NOT BLESSED.

Having a baby? They're going to spit up all over you and poop on you and get sick all the time and you will do everything wrong and you'll never sleep again and they will ruin your marriage!!"

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. From what I hear, haters gonna hate.

But for future reference, world, if you're going to warn me about the pitfalls of everything, please also inform me of things like Bulk rename is AWESOME! DOWNLOAD IT IMMEDIATELY!", "You can design your own Chucks!", and "There is a website that automatically removes line breaks for you!" I want to be informed of these things too, you guys.

Anyway, when we announced that we were buying a business, almost everyone we talked to said the same thing.

"You know you're going to be working a lot more, right? Like, all the time. It's going to be awful. You're never going to get any rest."

And we were like "REALLY!? SMALL BUSINESS OWNERSHIP REQUIRES WORK? WE ARE SO GLAD YOU HAVE PREPARED US FOR THIS REALITY THAT WE NEVER ONCE CONSIDERED BEFORE! We thought maybe we would just lay around our house in our underwear while making millions by doing nothing! Never mind. We don't want to do this after all. Hard work? Gross. Thank you so much for showing us the light!"

(For future reference, if you're giving this advice in the future, please also throw in "AND YOUR HOUSE WILL BE A DISASTER ALL THE TIME ALL THE TIME ALL THE TIME!" too. Because, it will.)

But seriously, thanks for the advice, but this wasn't surprising to us. Hard work is part of the deal with business ownership, but was that supposed to stop us?

Yes, we are tired. Exhausted, actually. But there is hope in sight - hope for a new routine, hope for a finished permanent space, and hope to pay off the school in a few years in preparation for the life we want. And guess what! Jack wrote himself his first paycheck yesterday. To Jack Hornbuckle. Signed, Jack Hornbuckle.


And this guy? Who has dreamed of this kind of terrible, horrible, awful, hard work since he was 12 years old?

He doesn't mind the hard work one bit. In fact, he's more than a little excited about it.

Go figure. With a great attitude like his, it's not quite so awful after all.
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