Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will you Ree my Valentine?

Alternately titled: "SQUEE rhymes with REE."

So, Ree Drummund came to Dallas today.

The Pioneer Woman.

The one with all the butter?

And the love in the cooking?

And the photos? And the cows? And the JOY AND THE HAPPINESS?

She came to Dallas.

So my friend Jeri and I left work at 4:30. And 5 hours later, this photo was taken:

Alternately titled: TOTALLY WORTH A 5-HOUR LINE.

Alternately alternately titled: SHE IS SO RIDICULOUSLY PRETTY AND NICE.

And! I saw her husband! And! The kids! Were hanging around right next to me while we were waiting! And! I would have talked to them! If I knew anything about how to interact with children!

I told her my husband thanks her for teaching me how to cook. She asked me how I knew Sara (for whom she was signing a book), whether she was doing okay, and how I knew her.

And then I melted into a tiny puddle on the floor and disappeared, a la wicked witch of the west. Because my life was complete having had a conversation with the Pioneer Woman.

A really, really dorky conversation. Exhibit A:

(Obviously, I had my friend take this video for Sara. That's why I said "Hello Sara" in an English accent. I don't know why I do the English accent with her, but I do it every time. You can ask her. I've never sent her a video without a British "HELLO SARA!" at the beginning. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME.)

Notice the awkward stance and nervous, stammer-y responses to everything she says. Am giant dork around giant girl-crush authors, evidently.

And something? Is wrong with my hands. I do a strange thing with them when nervous, evidently. Exhibit B:

I told Sara that I think I may have been holding one of my hands so the other one didn't start stroking Ree's hair. It was a real possibility, I think.

And I have a feeling that hair-stroking may have lessened my chances at becoming best friends with her.

But don't worry. There was no hair-stroking.

So I'm pretty sure we can still be best friends.
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