Sunday, March 20, 2011


My life has been a disaster lately.

I said that to my mother-in-law this weekend, and she gave me a concerned look.

"Your whole life is a disaster?" she asked.

"Yes. My whole life." I replied, and then began listing my evidence.

BikeMS planning is in full swing and I can barely keep up with my inbox. Plus it's MS Awareness week so I'm doing some fundraisers for that. I have blogs and websites backed up to design. Laundry? Hasn't been done in weeks. I was literally out of underpants on Friday and considered just going and buying more. I don't really remember the last time I wrote an "actual" blog post. Our third anniversary is Tuesday and I had no idea about it until Facebook told me the other day (thank you, Facebook!) And most importantly, my house is a disaster.

And when my house is a disaster, my life is a disaster. There is no relaxing. There is no thinking about anything else. Whatever I'm doing, I know my house isn't in order.

I have The Crazy.

I'm not saying I'm some insane neat freak; our house is lived-in and comfortable. But there's only so much clutter this girl can take.

(The moths are winning.)

So I was looking forward to the weekend. That's what got me through the week - I will get my house in order this weekend, and then everything else will fall into place.

And then Jack's grandmother had to get a pacemaker put in, so we needed to go visit his family in East Texas. It was a no-brainer, and we were so, so glad to go.

But to be honest, I kind of panicked. I didn't even have any underpants to pack, after all.

I washed a load of clothes and quickly packed, and we headed out Friday morning. On the way there, Jack said approximately 720,381 words, most of which were about taekwondo. I sat there, listening to him chattering away, thankful for the forced time alone together. We haven't seen a lot of that in the last two months.

I can't even express how much, but he is so happy in his new role as school owner. It occurred to me while he was talking about everything he learned at the workouts in Vegas and how excited he was to get out there and teach again last week that he almost threw in the towel just over a year ago - he was about to update his resume and move on because it just didn't look like it was going to happen for him.

I just can't see him being this happy doing anything else. God certainly knows what he's doing, hmm?

Anyway, the weekend was lovely in every way. Jack's grandmother is doing much better, the weather was lovely, and we spent a good amount of time sitting on the porch in the woods, drinking a cold beverage and enjoying the company and the breeze.

And then today, we left early this morning, got home, and just went crazy cleaning. The clutter. Gone. The dishes. Gone. The food in the plastic boxes in the game room? Are still there. Because I still don't trust the pantry.

But the laundry? It's all done. Everything washed, dried, and hung up. If you know me at all, you know this is not something that happens often.

I even cleaned my office out. Which, again, if you know me, you know it's not something that happens often.

As a point of reference, this is what my office has looked like in the past (not from today - thank goodness it hasn't been this bad in a long time, but still. Goodness.)

And now, the floor is clear. Whew. And the laundry is hung up. Whew. And the dishes are done. Whew. And the living room and our room are fairly clutter-free. WHEW.

And my life can start go back to normal now. Hopefully.

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