Friday, March 25, 2011

Five minute Friday - Waking up

Sara keeps doing these Five-Minute Friday blog posts for her friend's blog carnival, and since five minutes is just about all I have these days, I guess I'll give this thing a shot. Five minutes (we'll see). No editing (Again, WE'LL SEE).

This week's topic: On waking up


Every night, the routine is pretty much the same. I cook dinner, Jack comes home late, we eat dinner, we talk, we watch TV, and then, to Jack's dismay, I fall asleep on the couch.

Every time he sees me lay down on the couch or snuggle a little deeper into the blanket I'm under, he starts his plea.

"Why don't you go to bed, sweetie?" he asks.

"No," I respond sleepily, "I'm watching this show."

"Oh please, Mandy," he says "it's so hard to get you up when you fall asleep."

"I won't fall asleep," I say.

He sighs, sometimes continuing to try to convince me to move to our room, and sometimes just letting it go. And as he predicts, I fall asleep, nearly every time. And then a few hours later, he begins The Process Of Trying To Wake Mandy Up.

This is not his favorite moment. You see, I'm not an easy person to wake. We've had entire fights that I've slept through, and you can forget about getting up without 5 hits of the snooze button for me.

It's not that I don't want to get up right away; it's just that I just can't physically wake up without a LOT of prep work.

This was actually one of the topics Jack brought up in premarital counseling - he knew I used several alarms (it was up to five at one point!) to get up in the morning, and he was concerned about how that would affect his sleep.

I'm down to two now, but I still hit snooze a few more times than he'd like in the morning. Poor guy.

But the evening, when he's finally ready to go to bed - he begs, pleads, and implores that I get up from the couch and go to bed with him each night. At least, that's what he tells me - I usually don't remember any of it. And when he does tell me that, I feel bad for being such a pain and I tell him to leave me there if I'm being difficult.

But he never does.

I guess he likes having me wake up next to him in the morning.
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