Monday, March 7, 2011

I feel like my 700th post should be more focused

  • I think I've started six blog posts in the last two weeks. I don't know why I can't seem to finish them. Maybe I can finish one if I use bullet points.

  • I keep buying uncomfortable dress shoes. It doesn't matter if they're expensive or cheap. They're always uncomfortable if they have a heel. Flats? No problem. Heel? Bad. However, I'm finding that they get a little better if they sit around for a while. I have these cute little peep-toe black cork heels, which I bought last year, discovered that they hurt, and then left them in a closet. This season, I put them back on, and viola! They're not so bad after all! And then today, I put on some brown shoes that I thought would make me chew my foot right off, but this time, they didn't!

  • The only explanation for this is that Jack has been wearing my shoes when I'm not around, which breaks them in and makes them less painful.

  • I'm totally okay with that if it means I can wear shoes without sobbing.

  • Speaking of men in high heels, there was a national taekwondo tournament in Vegas last weekend! Jack competed (1st in weapons, 2nd in forms!), did a video interview, climbed a mountain, and worked out until he wished he was dead. It's all a part of his Mastership training. He's really loving it.

  • I didn't go with him. Instead, I stayed here and took a break from marriage. My friend Eric said that sounds like I was cheating on Jack. I think it sounds like I wasn't cooking dinner or cleaning up after anybody. Either way, it was awesome.

  • I know it makes me a bad wife that I completely enjoyed my alone time, but I have to be honest, the break couldn't have come at a better time. I slept. I cleaned. I recharged. I witnessed an epidural.

  • So, our friend Greg went to the same tournament Jack went to in Vegas. And about the minute he landed, his very pregnant wife Misty started having contractions. They didn't stop, so Greg hopped back on a plane and walked in the door exactly 12 minutes before his daughter was born. He didn't get to compete after all, but I have a feeling he didn't mind that too much. It was quite an exciting experience. It was pretty cool to be there the whole time.

  • Meet Kaitlin Nicole. She does not enjoy being held up naked and photographed. (I can't say as I blame her for that).

  • She does being wrapped up all tight and burrito-like and being rocked for 6 hours straight. That is how I spent my Saturday. It was all kinds of fabulous.

  • I like to pretend they named her after me, since my middle name is also Nicole.

  • They are nice to let me believe that.

  • Oh man, did I have an awesome day today. I went to bed early, got to work before anybody was there (three cheers for a quiet office!), and then at 3 p.m., I went to Starbucks with my friend Debbie, where my phone alerted me about a meeting that I needed to be at in 15 minutes with some people from Hewlett Packard about our BikeMS team's funding. We basically sprinted back to the office, where I called in to the meeting. The guy walked into the room and said "okay, I've got the approval for the sponsorship; how do we deliver this to the team?"
  • And then I died.
  • Have I mentioned I have been completely overwhelmed by the fact that I was leading an unsponsored team for the last 5 months?

  • I am no longer leading an unsponsored team. In fact, HP was extremely generous, covering jerseys, tent, food, decorations, drinks, and even a $10,000 donation to the MS Society on our behalf.

  • (Squee.)


  • And speaking of printers? My parents gave me a Silhouette SD for an early birthday gift. OH MY COW OH MY COW OH MY COW. You can create your own custom dies in Photoshop (or buy them from their store if you'd like) and it cuts them super fast. On paper! Or cardstock! Or vinyl! Or FABRIC! AND IT ALSO SKETCHES IF YOU HAVE THE SPECIAL PENS MY GOODNESS MY HEAD MIGHT EXPLODE!

  • There's really no good way to end a bullet-pointed post like this. So to recap: a potentially cross-dressing husband, delightful alone-time, tiny people entering the world, the ownership of fancy new scrapbooking tools, and a BikeMS Sponsorship: LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD.
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