Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm aware of MS now.

Today is the day. MS Awareness week starts today!!

About two weeks ago, one of the lovely ladies at the MS Society forwarded me an e-mail from a local news-type show that wanted a member of BikeMS to represent the event in an interview with one of their staffers.

And for some reason that I completely do not understand, they chose me.

Soon after I arrived and sat down for this interview, I realized that my home was behind the camera. Not in front of it. I am terribly awkward in life. I cannot speak without stuttering. I evidently do not have the ability to sit up straight, and for some reason I am also completely unable to move hair out of my face while cameras are on. Even if it's driving me crazy.

Anyway, it aired super-early in the morning, so in my world, it didn't really happen.

Except that it was on the internet machine as well.


Sigh. Cringe. Oh, whatever. It is what it is. Yay, MS Society.

That's not the exciting part of MS Awareness week, though.

For the last few weeks, bunches of digital scrapbook designers have been working on a really amazing thing together - I emailed and posted on a forum with a color palette and a theme, and wouldn't you know it, these incredible women got together and created something beautiful for me, and for Multiple Sclerosis.

Isn't she beautiful? I have been staring at this preview since the kit was finished. And you guys, it's HE-YOUGE. Almost 200 papers. More than 400 elements. And 3 alphas on top of that.

I'm blown away.

(And! There are a set of about 50 quick pages/templates being uploaded and coming soon to be sold separately starting tomorrow!!)

And best of all? 100% of the sales of this go to my BikeMS ride, which is all MS Society.

Is anybody else excited??

You can buy this kit at And you can tell everyone you know that they can also buy this kit at Blog about it. Tweet about it. Share the link on Facebook. Send a carrier pigeon or those crazy owls from Harry Potter. Buy a megaphone and yell the URL at people on the street as they pass by. Get the word out!

You know, if you want to. Please. Please please please.

Here are the designers who contributed and and who I would therefore kiss if I met them. If they were into that kind of thing:

AKay Designs
Benthai Creations
Black Rose Digitals
Creations by Rachael
Designs by Angel
Down This Road Designs
Hornbuckle Designs
Jacabean Designs
Jen C Designs
JennCk Designs
Julie Marie Designs
JusMe Digital
Kimeric Kreations
Mama Llama Designs
Ocean Wide Designs
One of a Kind Design Studio
Piccolina Designs
Polka Dot Chicks
Pretty in Green
Rhonda Sunflower Designs
Rumki Designs
Scrapping All The Way
Scrappy Cocoa
Shmooangel Designs
Starving Artist Designs
Sus Designs
Tracy King
Unforgettable Moments
Z Pink Boudoir Designs

I can't thank you ladies enough.

Please, shop at all of their stores immediately. Right after you buy the Movement kit they made. Because, you know, that's kind of what I was getting at with this post, after all.
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