Friday, March 11, 2011

Introspective and profound

People write something introspective and profound on their birthdays, right? Like, how 10 years ago, they did or didn't think this is what their lives would look like when they turned 25?

I have no such profound things to say. Life is good and busy and difficult and fun all at the same time, and it doesn't really matter what I thought 25 was going to look like 10 years ago. I can say that I had no idea I would sort-of own a business by the time I was 25.  Or an iPhone.


Oh, young Mandy, I'm sorry for supporting your nemesis, Apple. I promise, you and I can still be friends. I'm only buying PCs at home, see?

Anyway, so yeah. I know nothing introspective or profound about my 25th birthday.

What I do know about my 25th birthday, though, is that it's a really good opportunity to shamelessly beg for donations for my BikeMS ride.

Give me a birthday present. Cure MS.

(Or, if you're a fan of MS and would rather it didn't get cured, you should know that they'll give me a free jersey for next year's ride if I raise lots. And maybe even some socks or something. That's probably more important than curing the disease anyway.)
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