Friday, April 1, 2011


Gitz needs a nap and things now, but I still thought I'd show off my creative project here because I will forever associate her with setting aside time to be creative.

I had to get canisters for my flour and sugar and stuff, on account of all the flesh-eating bacteria* in my pantry.

I got some cheap ones at Wal-Mart and got everything sealed up, nice and tight.

I labeled them with sticky notes.

They were boring, but they did the trick. The "trick" being that I could identify the strange white powder inside each canister.

I mean, not strange white powder. Like, normal strange white powder. Like, you know, flour and sugar and things.

I feel like we're getting off topic here.

Look! New labels for my canisters!

I had my Silhouette** cut out those cool shapes on the patterned paper (I got the shape from a journaling box in Jacabean's Many Blessings kit, so I'm totally counting this as a Hybrid).

Then, I cut out plastic rectangles (I used a freezer baggie, but in retrospect clear vellum would have been a wiser choice) and sewed it on top of the patterned paper on the sides and the bottom, and then I inserted the cardstock labels I made inside those so that I could change the label if necessary.

(Hey Mandy, don't choose the worst-sewed label to take a close-up of, kay thanks.)

They're fun to look at now that they're all prettified.

Maybe I'll even bake something now.***


*and by "flesh eating bacteria," I mean moths.

**It's wrong to make out with a digital die cutting machine, right? Because if it wasn't, I would totally be doing it right now with the Silhouette.

***No, I won't.
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