Sunday, May 15, 2011

Five minute Friday - Deep Breath

So, evidently Blogger had a meltdown. There was fire, flooding, much gnashing of teeth, many tears, and possibly a grizzly bear attack.

But I had no idea. Because I haven't checked up on my blog in weeks... instead, I've been baking lots of things, trying to find ways to avoid doing laundry or cleaning the house, and rewarding myself for BikeMS with many creative projects (which I will share soon) and hours spent on the couch not working out or planning anything at all.

It's fabulous.

But between the crazy part of life and the relaxing part of life, I have found myself no longer blogging. Which is okay with me most of the time, since blogging should be a treat, not an obligation.

I'm quite the rule-breaker. I'm also not going to stick to five minutes here. AND! IT'S NOT EVEN FRIDAY!

I'm on fire over here with all the rebellious.

Anyway, this week's topic? Deep breath.

Which is funny, because lately, a deep breath is what I have needed.

This unpaid non-stop slave wife of a business owner thing. This BikeMS planning, fundraising, and training thing. This design business thing. This darn full-time job that they always seem to make me come back every day for thing. This not remembering the last date night we had thing. This messy house with not enough time to clean it but not enough money to hire somebody else to clean it thing. This never catching up thing.

Never. Catching. Up.

Jack has gotten in the habit of going out to dinner with his friends after work once a week. He's usually out kind of late, which means that I have a night to myself; a night where I don't have to cook dinner or watch what he wants to watch on TV. I don't have to listen to him talk about budgets or taekwondo schools or design t-shirts or update karate websites if I don't want to.

And yes, I could go out with my own friends that night, but instead, I enjoy my quiet house. I can clean and listen to my British audio book. I can totally mess a project up with my sewing machine or make a big mess in the kitchen making cupcakes.

And usually, even though I think it will, it doesn't help me catch up with much of anything.

But it's a few hours for just me. And it's one of the few deep breaths I get these days.
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