Monday, May 23, 2011

We got new toys today at work

And I?

Made mine pretty.

Did I mention crafting is my BikeMS reward?

Just making sure.

Hopefully Jack understands that too, because he's pretty hungry right now since I still haven't gotten around to making dinner.

Camera: Canon Rebel T3i, which, by the way, has a kick-butt video capability with a super-cool digital zoom that doesn't lose quality on the video setting. (Mind. Blown.)

There's a great tutorial for a camera strap here, though hers is much better than mine. :) I used a padding (Insul-bright needled insulated lining, which can also be used for pot holders, by the way!) to make mine softer, but it's came out pretty thick. I think in the future I'll either use the padding on just the bottom side or go with straight interfacing instead.

I learned how to make the fabric flowers here. (Thank you, Pinterest!)

I'd better go make Jack's dinner. It's almost midnight. If I don't cook before then, I think it's technically breakfast.


Update: I made this the next night using this (awesome) tutorial:

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