Monday, June 6, 2011

Definite ice cream

Shane: I think when you sent me that message I was picking out what flavor of ice cream I wanted from CVS. So, obviously, I was too distracted to notice my phone.

Me: There's a CVS right next to the Subway I went to too!

Shane: Ours just opened two weeks ago. It's great to have next to the office.

Me: I'll bet.

Shane: And then people in the office see me eating ice cream and they're like "You have ice cream??!?!? I'm sooo jealous!" to which I reply "There's a CVS across the street, stop being lazy and go get some. It's not in limited supply."

Me: Well, technically it is in limited supply. Surely they don't have infinite ice cream. But if they did, that'd be crazy. And probably messy. And then there'd be a flood. Oh man. That's terrifying.

Shane: Well... I could argue that since they can make more, the supply is not at this point in time limited.

Me: Well, maybe.

Shane: It might not me infinite, but it's indefinite.

Me: Alright. Definite ice cream.

Shane: And also, shut the hell up. You know what I meant.
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