Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Five minute Friday: On Forgetting

Ironic that this Five Minute Friday topic is forgetting, huh? Since, you know, I keep forgetting to blog.

Life is wild right now. The really, really, really good kind of wild. I really thought I never saw my husband before because of our schedules; now I know what really never seeing your husband is like.*

*I realize that many of you have deployed husbands right now, and if that's the case, feel free to think "She's a stupid jerk-face. I'll tell HER what never seeing your husband is like!" if it applies to you.

I used to be really good at remembering everything I had to do, but as more things pile on the to-do list, I have to work extra hard at keeping up. And lately, things have been falling through the cracks. The business website hasn't been updated in a while. I can't seem to remember to bring things to work when I mean to. I forget about digiscrap pages I'm supposed to make. And every time we think we're catching up, we get buried again.

It's enough to make anybody forgetful.

Jack will forget to bring home some paperwork that he needs (he's forgetful too these days, you see), so we'll drive the 20 minutes back out to the school at midnight on a Tuesday to pick it up. We'll take the dog too, because, why not? We can. We own the place, after all.

When we arrive, the dog will run around the school, tail wagging wildly, and we'll laugh at her and run around with her in our dark school for a few minutes.

We'll eat drive-thru fast food for dinner at 1 a.m., talking and laughing while we sort belts and cut students' pictures for the black belt wall. Finally, we'll kiss goodnight and PASS OUT.

In the morning, he will get up and make dinosaur noises at me while I'm getting ready and tell me to "have a most wonderous" day as he kisses me goodbye.

And I will be happy. So, so, happy that I'm living this exhausting life with him.

And that? Is the kind of stuff I'm not going to be forgetting any time soon.
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