Thursday, June 2, 2011

Technology is scary and bad

I've been hearing a lot of people* complain about how much of our time social media sucks from people these days, how there are no "real" relationships left, and how we're losing something by allowing this internet world to be a part of our lives.

To which I say: HOGWASH.**

Social media and "real life" can and do come together beautifully. They enhance each other. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Facebook allowed me to reconnect with people from my past in a very real way, many times facilitating "real" face-to-face relationships.

Twitter trained me to be concise and allowed me to catalog tiny things I normally would have forgotten.

Google made it possible to learn anything I could ever want to learn with the click of a mouse.

Skype allowed me to maintain relationships with people I long to be close to geographically but can't.

Pinterest inspired me to get off my butt and do something (or a LOT of somethings).

The Pioneer Woman taught me how to cook, I mean REALLY cook.

The Cottage Mama taught me how to sew, I mean KIND OF sew.

Gitzen Girl taught me how to get over myself and choose joy.

Jill Krause opened my mind about things I didn't really care about.

Stephanie taught me how to save a LOT of money.

Jeni Hufford showed me how to scrapbook fabulously.

Lindsay Ferrier
taught me how to really enjoy fashion.

Ellyn McCall taught me how to talk to a friend who has been through a devastating loss (or, you know, a lot of them).

Two Peas taught me how to use my camera to take beautiful photographs.

5 Minutes taught me to be sensitive to others.

Jessica Latshaw showed what living beautifully in the midst of destruction looked like.

And my own blog will allow me to remember each moment in these wonderful years of my life, and will be my voice when I am gone.

I'd say that's worth losing whatever they think we've lost here.


*Mostly old people.

**Pretty sure old people are also the only people to use the word "hogwash."
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