Friday, June 24, 2011

Worlds 2011 - We're back and it's better than ever

Currently, Jack and I are in Little Rock for the taekwondo World Championships. I flew in yesterday, and Jack has been here since Monday, completing his training for Mastership.

Cliffs notes version of Mastership: Once you earn your 6th degree black belt, which Jack did last year, you start the training for Mastership if you meet certain requirements (number of students testing every year, etc.). The training lasts an entire year, and requires participation in rigorous physical training with the Chief Masters and Grand Master at all the National tournaments, as well as writing more than 30 papers (both book reports and papers on various topics important to taekwondo Mastership).

This week was the last part of training, which included a multi-day fast, combined with all-day workouts and several ceremonies and rehearsals. Saturday night is the official Mastership Inagural ceremony, where he will be dubbed a Master by the Grand Master. After this, Jack will officially be called "Master Hornbuckle."

(It's kind of a big deal.)

So, that's what we're doing this weekend.

Today, Jack will be competing for World Champ again in forms and weapons. Oddly enough that's secondary to the Mastership this year, but I'm still optimistic about his chances to medal (even though he's low on energy from having fasted all week.) I'm hoping to share some good news with you in just a few hours!

Stay tuned!
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