Thursday, July 14, 2011

If I used a clever title, you might be misled into thinking the post is also clever

So, I had this bright idea.

As usual, this bright idea was Pinterest's fault. I was seeing all these nice kitchens with freshly-painted white cabinets. And our kitchen? Um, didn't have pretty cabinets.

It was actually quite dark. And I really, really hated how the cabinets clashed with my pretty wood floors that my father-in-law put in my kithen.

So Jack and I looked at each other, and we looked at our kitchen, and said "that can't be that hard." And with gift cards, it was going to be less than $150. So, win.

Famous last words, right?

So Jack started taking doors off. And that was that. We were committed.

But really, it wasn't THAT hard. We went and got the paint, worked diligently sanding, then priming, then adding two coats of white glossy paint to our outdated too-dark cabinets.

It took about four weekends, and during that time, I had no kitchen and there was dust and paint EVERYWHERE.

And you know, doors.

I do not do well with a messy house and an inability to cook.

But we powered through.

And we finished it!

And man, they were beautiful. Except...

Those pretty cabinets... they make everything else in my kitchen look just so... blah.

Before Jack left for Worlds, he begged me not to start another project. He literally finished hanging the doors back off just about the time he had to leave. And we were exhausted.

So I kissed him goodbye, waved at his truck as it drove away to Little Rock, and proceeded to do the exact opposite.

Because that's what good wives do.

I won't get into the insanity that was the week of CONTRACTORS WHO DON'T SHOW UP WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL, because, SO many words, but the short version is that I hired somebody to texture and paint the walls, but said texturer/painter didn't show. Got a second (more expensive) guy. He said I'd have to peel the wallpaper first, and his price didn't include the painting.

My incredible neighbor, of the "WE CAN DO THIS!" and "I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU!" variety, helped me do it in ONE DAY. NAY, FIVE HOURS. And then? The texture guy didn't even get finished before I left.

SO. I wasn't going to get it done before Jack got home. That was okay. The neighbors said they would sit in with the texture guy, and I could paint after we got home, so at least he wouldn't come home to wallpaper.

Except, my neighbors.

They are ridiculous. In the good sort of way. Because we walked in to this:

I was blown away. I grinned and looked over at Jack.

"Our cabinets look so good," he said. "Why did you move the table?"

I stared at him, then stared back at my beautiful newly-blue kitchen. Then I looked back at him. He watched my reaction quizzically.

"Seriously?" I asked.

"What?" he replied, looking back at the kichen and then back at me.

"SERIOUSLY!?" I yelled this time. He looked back at the kitchen and suddenly jumped.

"OOOH! IT'S BLUE!" he announced, as he finally saw what the Mastership fatigue had apparently hidden from his vision before.

Uh, yes. It's blue. And completely gorgeous. RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous.

I sewed curtains for it. And made fancy little ruffled pull-backs out of ribbon.

And made a window seat and one pillow (so far). I wanted to wait to post photos until it was fully done with all the pillows I have in mind, but let's be honest, with my list of sewing projects (HI ELLYN! How was your non-custom hospital gown this go around?), it's best not to wait for that to post.

I'm so happy with it. I just go in there and stare at it sometimes.

And I'd say that was worth a few weeks of work.
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