Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's the opposite of "Bon Voyage?"

I'm packing.

And by "packing," of course I mean "blogging in my pajamas at 4 p.m. while watching Gilmore Girls reruns."

But regardless of whether I ever actually start packing, it seems that I am leaving on Tuesday morning for a very long journey after which, if done correctly, will result in me ending up in another country.

Man, I use a lot of words when I say things.

Italy. I'm going to Italy. And Greece. And Croatia. And Turkey. By way of airplanes and a cruise ship. Evidently I've been kind of quiet about the trip, because the other day I tweeted something about it and people were all kinds of surprised.

But I will be quiet no more. It's unlikely that I'll be kicked off the trip for budget reasons at this point (I mean, kind of unlikely), and that possibility is probably why I didn't say much about it before. It's a work trip, this one, specifically, and I will be taking many videos for products or promos or somethingorother.

I would tell you more things about video, but come on, that's not why you're here.

The good news is that there's a good possibility that you'll soon be reading all kinds of embarrassing stories about dumb things I've done on my work trip.Probably falling down a set of thousand-year-old European stairs at some point, hopefully not while carrying expensive video equipment. Or maybe using the wrong phrase for "where is the bathroom?" and ending up offending an Italian police officer, leading to a night spent in jail. Or I could lose a member of our tour group from my bus during a shore excursion. Yep. That's probably what's going to happen. Oh! And did I mention I'm rooming with my boss, the VP of our department? I'm coming back fired, is all I'm saying.

So yes! I'm very excited! And it will be fun! And I will be gone for 15 days! Which is a very nice amount of time to be in Europe but also a very long amount of time to be working 24 hours a day! So! It evens out to a solid "yay."

And I'm not really sure what you say when you're the one leaving, because it feels to me like "bon voyage," but I'm pretty sure that's opposite of what I'm supposed to say. So, assuming I ever end up doing the laundry I need to do, I'll just say "see you on the other side."

Or probably on the plane, if there's wifi.
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