Monday, August 22, 2011


Today was intense.


For so many reasons.

But one of the ridiculously good reasons it was intense is because my friend Erin asked me if I wanted "a few pairs of jeans" she was getting rid of since we're the same size and we're both tall.

"Sure!" I replied. "Thanks for thinking of me!"

And then she brought in a TRASH BAG FULL OF JEANS.

I mean, you guys, a trash bag.

(I just heard Sara's heart go pitter-pat all the way from Iowa.)

And this girl? Buys really nice stuff.

The bag of pants stared at me all day. I was dying to open it up and try them all on.

And then I went to work at the karate school after work.

So I had to wait even longer.


But I just got home. And I opened the bag. AND YOU GUYS.


And they all fit perfectly.

Like I said.

Today was intense.
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