Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The only blessing

So, children are a blessing.

That's what they tell me.

Actually, God tells me that too. It's in the Bible and all. So I buy it.

But, Christians?

Can we also agree that children are not the ONLY blessing?

Because, you know Jack and I?

We're really, really blessed. In lots of ways.

Not with children yet, but that's okay.

God has his timing for things. Don't you worry about us.

But other stuff, see.

The being fed and the having jobs and the ability to travel and the stopping for ice cream before dinner and the owning our own business and the having a dog who loves cuddling and the laughing until our stomachs hurt and the shorthand language to each other and the 10pm dinners and the friends who show up to help us no matter what and the other friends who call us on our crap when we need it and the winning taekwondo world championships and the family that is close enough to take care of the dog and the new church that feels like home and the medicine they make for heartburn and the joy of being together, right here, exactly where God put us, with what God gave us.

Those are blessings too.

Life isn't empty without someone else's version of a blessing. His ways are not our ways, or our friends' ways, or our families' ways, or our pedicurists' ways.

Those are blessings too.
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