Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In which I am on a business trip (!)

So, my friends are all going to bed. 

I'm on a business trip, you see.

Saying "I'm in a business trip" makes me feel like I did when I was 16 and held my car keys in my hand. Or like I did when I walked across the A&M campus my freshman year.

I am SO grown-up.

But also, not quite so grown up on account of ALL THE REAL GROWN-UPS ARE SLEEPING AND WHO GOES TO SLEEP AT 11PM??

That's okay though. I'm surprised I am not more tired, actually. This weekend was exhausting in a good way and the last month has been exhausting in a not-good-at-all way. But that was the reason I got to visit six very dear friends, so hey look, something good can come our of the "your friend died" scenario. 

On Sunday, we met our friends Todd and Jenni for lunch at their house. They are pretty much the best hosts ever, by the way. Ridiculously sweet and totally up for a visit from four adults and six children, most of whom they had never met before. They even fed us!

Twas lovely.

(Point of reference: I met Todd and Jenni on a blogger cruise in January 2010 the same time I met Amie. My other blog friend Rachel, who coincidentally went to college with Jenni's brother, was able to come too so it was quite a reunion! Jenni is my crafting IDOL - it is all I can do not to ask her if she will spoon with me (and sometimes I do ask that), and Rachel makes me laugh more easily than most other people can. And Todd, oh Todd, my dancing genius friend. Such great people.)

Occasionally I wonder whether this "blog friend" thing is for real. I mean, we go so long between seeing each other sometimes that it's easy to wonder if you imagined a real connection and that you're really just hiding behind computer relationships because you're anti-social.

Not true.

I mean, okay, maybe I'm just a little anti-social.

But the blog friend thing. It is real indeed. Real hugs, real laughter, real bonding, real happiness. 

I miss them when I'm not with them (and when they die). I tell them things I don't tell other people. I laugh with them until our stomachs hurt. 

We don't get to see each other often, but when we do?

They are worth the wait.
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