Friday, October 21, 2011

That's why

Jack loves Disney.

LOVES it. Like, he wants to be on Disney property all the time. Skipping down the little fake streets arm-in-arm with Mickey.

It was so cute the first year. It was like going with a little kid; he had never been here before and everything was, well, magical.

But now it's year three. And we're still staying on Disney property. And he still wants to go to Downtown Disney for dinners and walk around the Disney Boardwalk during our free time. Fortunately, this year we're going the Universal Studios route over the Disney parks (how many times can you ride "It's a Small World," after all?), but he still tends to want to be ALL UP IN THE MAGIC here.

So this afternoon when we went downstairs to get (overly expensive) ice cream cones, he wanted to walk down the Disney Boardwalk while we ate them.

"Can't we just sit down and enjoy the nice day while we eat them?" I asked (whined) as we walked along the path and I tried to keep my ice cream from dripping onto my hand.

"Why can't you just walk and eat?" he asked. As he finished his sentence, his eyes widened and his arm shot out toward me. He grabbed be by the arm and pulled me to the side a few inches before I would have run right into a pole.

"Never mind," he said. "I remember now."
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