Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In which... I don't know, what was I supposed to be doing again?

I have to be on a plane in about 9 hours. And I'm not packed.

But hey, I'm blogging instead, so that's productive.

I also Skyped with my very favorite buddies tonight (instead of packing). And went to Starbucks with Jack (instead of packing). And watched New Girl (SERIOUSLY, WATCH IT) and Parenthood (instead of packing).

I am a Master Procrastinator. I'm a... Mastinator?

Never mind. Scratch that last part. Those aren't words you should combine.

By the way, I love combining words. I don't know if I've ever blogged about my love for combining words, but I do love it. I mean, the very word "blog" is a combination of words, so maybe that's why blogging and I get along so well.

I make phone promos every month at work - you know, the on-hold music with the "thank you for staying on the line" that you get when you call our offices and we put you on hold? Yeah, I make those. Except instead of "phone promos," I call them "phomos." And then I get all excited inside when I write it on my little to-do list at work, because, teehee! Look! I made a word out of two words!

I made it my life's goal to get our project coordinator to use the word "phomos" during our production meetings.

Well, that and making the perfect batch of hummus. That was my other life's goal. I have accomplished both of those things, so, I guess, this is goodbye? I can die now?

Sheesh. Did I have a point tonight?

Ah, yes. Leaving tomorrow. Flying to Boston. Driving from Boston to Colorado. Flying back from Colorado.

My brother is moving, see. And his wife and fetus aren't joining him there until a few weeks from now. And did you know it takes a long time to drive from Boston to Colorado, and if you go by yourself, you could DIE?

So, I'm going too. Because that's what good sisters do.

They ride in the car for three days with their brothers so their brothers don't die.

(Especially if they just want to go too. Because yay, countryside and lots of snacks!)

And books. We will listen to books too.

All while not dying.

That is the plan.

And as plans go, I think it's a good one.
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