Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The weather outside was not frightful.

Not even a little.

I woke up under an electric blanket with my favorite boy and favorite dog.

And that boy's eyes lit up when I gave him his ornament. The one from the year he was born that completed his set.

I found it on eBay. It was worth every penny.

And some of my favorite people were here.

And there was food.

A LOT of food.

And I didn't mess any of that food up. Not even one thing.

And I didn't have to do the dishes for most of that food.

Because that favorite boy did the many loads for me.

(There are a lot of reasons he's my favorite, see.)

And presents. There were a lot of those too.

A lot of them were tiny. I'm getting a nephew in April, remember?

And there was love.

Quite a lot of that too.

Most of it from that favorite boy and favorite dog.

And that's what makes me merry most every other day of the year, too.
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