Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We say "Merry Christmas."

But also, we say "Happy Holidays."

And "Happy Hanukkah."

And if we knew anybody who celebrated Kwanza, we would say happy that too.

My brother and sister-in-law saw a house with lights strung up that said "WE SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS."

Things like that make me laugh. And also cringe. So passive-aggressively judgmental.

The status updates with "CHRIST" in all caps in the word "Christmas." The rants about the abbreviation "xmas." The "JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!"s.

Um, isn't He the reason for every season? Happy CHRISTsummer. I'd like to start seeing that around in lights in June.

I know, I know. I've written this rant before.

But I started thinking about this a little more after we bought a business; we have many students of different races and religions. Some of the families that attend our school don't celebrate Christmas, so we make sure to avoid scheduling big events on their special holidays (wouldn't you be annoyed if somebody scheduled your testing on Christmas day?). Some students are not comfortable entering the church gym we rent, so we offer them a separate belt testing at our school. Some of them aren't allowed to work on Sundays, so we find a way to modify weekend-long training camps for them.

So I consider that when I update our Facebook page's status about the school being closed. It's not that I refuse to say "Christmas" (our calendar actually has the break marked as "Christmas Break.")

But there's nothing wrong with saying "holidays," guys. You can say it in addition to "Christmas," even. Just keep in mind, ye who type "CHRISTmas" and rhyme about reasons for seasons, that sometimes businesses that also say "Happy Holidays" in their ads and tweets? Aren't necessarily taking sides on the WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!

(Shouldn't we be more concerned about different kinds of war?)

(My mom is ripping her hair out right now from ALL THE LIBERAL!)

The business owners that say "Happy Holidays" aren't participating in a war on anything.

They just respect their clients enough to include all of them.
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