Saturday, January 7, 2012

A list of good things

  • Welp. My house is a mess. And that wouldn't belong on my "list of good things" except that the reason it's a mess is because there has been much relaxing and Jack and Mandy together-time and not a lot of cleaning time around here lately. We have The Happy.

  • I feel like I should clarify that that "Jack and Mandy together-time" I just wrote about in the previous bullet point wasn't supposed to sound dirty. Because, you know, if it was dirty, I wouldn't be writing about it on this here blog. Yeah. Moving on.

  • I slept until after noon today and yesterday. These are the kinds of things that make me really, really, really glad not to have kids right now.

  • And the reason I slept until after noon? Eric and Laura Baesel. They told us to watch Friday Night Lights on Netflix, because we never watched it while it was on. And oh jeez, I'm watching a show about football (!) and I just. can't. stop. And so we stay up all night watching "just one more episode." DARN YOU, BAESELS. Darn you.

  • Did you guys know that "The Guild" is on streaming Netflix now? Nerdy score!

  • I rode a bike yesterday. Seriously, can somebody just cure MS so I don't have to wear spandex anymore? At least the weather is beautiful, and my awesome neighbor helped me change my tube before the ride (I have been doing this ride for...uh... seven years now, I think? And I still don't know how to change a tube on my own. I mean, sheesh.)

  • Uh, THIS happened to my friend because she is brave and amazing and I can't even stand how excited I am for her:

    If you are as enchanted by this amazing girl as I always am, you can download that song for free here and "like" her music Facebook page here. I can't wait to see what God does with this video in her life. I'm so proud of you, Jess!!

  • We are going to Vegas for our anniversary in March! Wait. Back up. We are going to Vegas for a tournament! On our anniversary! But hey, I'll take it. Vegas isn't my very favorite place but they do have shows (Jersey Boys, here I come!) and fancy hotels and great food. So, happy anniversary to us!

  • Speaking of travel, we're also going skiing with my brother in Colorado this month. Jack has never skiied before so I fully expect the opportunity to laugh at him when he falls a lot. Because I am a loving and supporting wife and also I just hope I get it on video so you guys can see it too.

  • T-minus 3 months until my nephew arrives. Can I get a "SQUEEEEEEE?"

  • To answer your question, I picked the red dress. Wow, that was delayed, right?

  • We are moving offices at work this month. It will mean less space and sharing an office rather than having one to myself (how spoiled have I been anyway, my goodness), but it also saves the ministry lots of money and could mean that we'll be able to work from home more often, so I'm in. Plus, I work with quite a fantastic group and if we're all smushed a little closer together? That's probably okay. Also! The new place has ovens! OVENS! Freshly baked cookies. ANY TIME WE WANT.

  • I need to go clean my house now so that the next list of good things I write can include that.

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