Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sometimes and always and oozing

Sometimes my friend loses her wallet.

And she freaks out and calls me and asks if it's on her desk but it's not, and it's not under it either or around it or in the drawers or anything.

So I go walking around outside where she thinks she lost it that afternoon.

And it's not there.

So I go inside a restaurant nearby on a whim (even though it's such a long shot because my friend didn't even go in there today), and I ask whether anybody possibly turned in a wallet.

And somebody had. All the credit cards and cash were there and everything.

Sometimes there is good in this world. And sometimes it's really nice to remember that.

And sometimes you get "kidnapped" by a sweet friend when you go to your karate school.

Or, at least, I do.

And she takes me to her house and makes me coffee and tells me her story and asks about mine, and as I listen I think "holy wow, this woman is incredible what with her raising her fantastic kids and volunteering with amazing organizations and just oozing with Christ's love."

Okay, I did not think the word "oozing." Now that I type the word "oozing," I am rethinking it. It's not a pretty word, "oozing." But if you're going to "ooze" anything, it might as well be Christ's love.

And sometimes I get sidetracked while I'm blogging and start to talk about the word "oozing," because it's 1 a.m. and I don't remember what I was trying to get at here.

Oozing. Oozing. Oozing.

Sometimes you forget the way you met your husband until somebody asks, and then all at once you remember that this story can sound weird if you tell it wrong, so you tread lightly.

Wait, that's me. I do that.

And sometimes I say "she loves you" when Jack and I are sitting in a room together.

And sometimes, he responds "he loves you too."

No, not sometimes.


He always responds "he loves you too."
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