Monday, February 13, 2012

We went skiing and things!

Oh hey, I still have a blog! Look at that!

Jack and I went to Colorado. My brother and sister-in-law live there now. And my nephew, if you're a believer in that whole "life begins at conception" thing.

And Colorado has mountains! And those mountains have snow on them! And apparently, people like to strap big long pieces of wood to their feet and slide down said snow-covered mountains as a form of recreation.

In other words, we went skiing and things!

The last time I went skiing was in high school, so I was pleasantly surprised that I could balance on skis at all at this point, but I didn't really fall much. I did have a moment at the end of the day when I got on a slope with my brother that I had no business on and basically thought I was going to die. If I thought I could have crawled down that hill, I probably would have done it. I was a super-star, is what I'm saying!

And Jack?

Well, he had never skied before. My brother was a fantastic instructor (and I was really glad he was the one doing the teaching because Jack and I don't communicate terribly well when I'm trying to teach him things [see also: I am a terrible, impatient teacher to anybody on any subject]), but Jack had some trouble, uh, staying upright.

He fell a lot. A LOT.

Shane and I watched warily as Jack would ski about six feet and fall over as he was trying to turn. Then he would push himself back up, ski another six feet, and disappear into another cloud of snow.

It was quite a sight. And some wives (not me of course) of the kind of husbands who are naturally SO DANG GOOD AT EVERYTHING ELSE THEY DO might enjoy seeing such a spectacle from said husbands for a change.

Not me though, obviously. I am supportive.

We got a little concerned that Jack would never want to ski again, though. Especially when, at one point, he nearly crashed into a tree, then tried to hit the tree with his ski pole out of frustration and then just laid down in the deep snow instead of trying to get back up.

But he came off the ski slopes like he comes off the golf course - after having been throughout pissed off all day long, exclaiming "that was fun!" and "we should do that again sometime!"

And aside from some very sore muscles the next day and a bout of altitude sickness, I would have to agree.

We should do that again sometime.
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